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  2. "The beauty you see in me
    is a reflection of you"
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    honestly found this cool as fuck.

    I love how they have drugs, alcohol, and then Starbucks

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  5. Beautiful! You guys will be famous some day ~

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  6. Conception of Self

    is a strange, strange thing.


  7. Ahhh Summer :)

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    Hilary Berseth, Programmed Hive series, 2008

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    Brice Bischoff and His Revelry with Light and Colors

    Early this year, we zoomed in on the works of Los Angeles-based photographer Brice Bischoff, absolutely positive that film-loving people and long exposure fans would love the way he brought color to a bare and dull-looking location. We got in touch with Brice to learn more about him and his work, so if you’re also curious, let’s revisit some of his colorful long exposures, take a peek at some of his new works, and find out more about his inspirations, motivations, and plans as an artist.

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